Xbox 360 Is Recession-Proof - Says Microsoft

Softpedia: "Mindy Mount, the vice president and Chief Financial Officer of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division, has argued, at the recent BMO Capital Markets Interactive Entertainment Conference, that the Xbox 360 gaming console is a recession-proof product that might even benefit from the economic downturn that the world is experiencing.

The main argument is that a bad economy makes every dollar more important, which means that Microsoft can push the Xbox 360, with its recent price cut, as the best value for money console on the market. Mount said that, "In tough economic times, people tend to cut back on very high-ticket items like travel and automobiles, but they still want to be entertained. Video games already offer some of the most hours of entertainment per dollar than any other form of entertainment.""

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jromao3683d ago

X360 recession have a name, PS3 existence.

thereapersson3682d ago

What are you talking about? We don't understand gibberish...

jaysquared3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Nothing is recession proof! If steak isn't recession prool then the 360 isn't! Judging from last months NPD numbers out of the 3 consoles the wii is more recession proof out of all of then the 360 and the PS3 is definitely not recession proof

Sitdown3682d ago

"Nothing is recession proof!"

What about other foods outside of steak, since steak is often seen as a luxury food. How about gas?

HighDefinition3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

97% of the worlds money is held by 2% of the population. I don`t think it could happen w/o that 2% wanting it to happen. Also, Money is sold to countrys, the people selling it could also have the power to control a recession.

InMyOpinion3682d ago

It's as recession proof as the PS3 is 'future proof' lol!

gololo3682d ago

"X360 recession have a name, PS3 existence." <--- I think this comment made me dumber lol

fredy3682d ago

if we are talking about NA then yes the 360 continuos to sell as aaa titles continue to pour out...

Tomdc3682d ago

nothing is recession proof, it's a stupid thing to say. If it were the wall street crash and it's after effects right now instead of our current "slight economic downturn" 360 sales would be pathetic as would PS3 and even wii.

season0073682d ago

Hmm..from what i learn isn't inferior goods tends to get higher demand during recession?

chasuk083682d ago

Its true. Just like when people go out and buy cheap food in hard times. You try it, and its never the same, and wish you would of bought the more expensive one.

ThanatosDMC3682d ago

There will always be recessions. The economy just works as a wave. There will always be high times when everybody has a lot of disposable income and low times in which everybody gets screwed (loss of jobs and high prices for goods).

I still dont think im affected much about it since gas prices went down drastically ($2 less than it was months ago).

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CrippleH3683d ago

I might be young but I don't think anything is Recession proof.

Sure it might do well in Recession but that doesn't make it recession proof.

Sitdown3682d ago

who disagreed with you....but I do have to ask, do you not think that certain foods are recession proof? Gas?

CrippleH3682d ago

Gas value is being dramatically dropped due to recession why did we went from 4 dollars to 2.

Food prices went up due to gas prices and a drop in demand because people are spending less.

ultimolu3682d ago

You're right. Nothing is recession proof.

gololo3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

"who disagreed with you....but I do have to ask, do you not think that certain foods are recession proof? Gas?"

Well..the barrel of oil went from $140+ to less than $80, so even something as essential as gas is not as recession proof as it seems...

also, if you think about it, what's the first thing people start cutting budget on? i'd say entertainment including video games

Sitdown3682d ago

how you guys are defining "recession-proof"... .cause I feel like despite the economy both gas and food are still at the same both tend to be a necessity to some degree. So despite what the economy looks like, there will always be a ton of people lining up to purchase them. Also, doesn't gas prices usually drop this time of year?....perhaps not by this much, but isn't this the time it gets cheaper from the summer hikes?

Kaneda3682d ago

demand oil and gas are down... OPEC is trying to get emergency meeting to cut oil production. people drive less and more gas efficient vehicles. that is why 3 US automakers needing money to survive.

Nothing is recession proof. When fanboys are jobless or your parents.. no money to buy video games or console...

Sitdown3682d ago

"people drive less and more gas efficient vehicles. that is why 3 US automakers needing money to survive."

I thought US automakers have been on the decline for a while...but I see what you are saying. But again I ask, how is recession-proof being defined?

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Narutone663683d ago

reducing the price of their console and over pricing their accessories. Until their console is free and the price of their accessories is 3x or more than the market price.

firerock913683d ago

Microsoft might profit some this Xmas with the low $200 of a xbox over it's rivals. But sales will be lower this December, but I see MS doing the best in over all sales do to the price and avalability of a xbox 360.

Omega43682d ago

MS pricecut timing was perfect for the current recession and they will definitely benefit from it, shame the same cant be said for the PS3

Bolts3682d ago

In this recession it's a bit hard to make the case for that Bluray player, no matter how awesome it is. Its even harder to make the case for those $30 Bluray releases. Idiots, they need reduce the price of BR movies before they price themselves out of the market.

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