Xbox Evolved - Gears of War 2 Review

From XE:

All the right elements are in place in this sequel to the popular third-person shooter that again pits Delta Squad against the Locust Horde: gorgeous visuals, intense action, cheeky humor and it's all incredibly fun.

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vitz33681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

It's amazing how well a bunch of sweaty, steroid pumping, 350lb men and their sausage fest can do.

o_0 Does Cliffy B have some sort of hidden message in his games?

Who the hell has legs that thick? If they're gonna walk around in 7-inch thick steel armour why don't they wear helmets?

Not trying to bash, I'm glad the game is getting it's good reviews from biased sites. But you can't deny the undertones that Cliffy B. puts in his games if you know what I mean. Maybe the next Gears game will have some of the Cho aniki guys on the team.