Google Maps - Fallout 3 Capital Wasteland Guide

Kotaku writes:

"A Google Maps mashup that is building into a handy guide to the post-apocalyptic landscape with the help of community-minded gamers.

It is still incomplete (Fallout 3 is huge) but there are a lot of mission, ammo and interesting location pushpins already added. You can add your own if you discover something cool and of course you can turn off whole categories of data if you want to avoid mission spoilers but would still like to know if there is anything worth bothering about over that hill."

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vitz33650d ago

I stopped at the word "Kotaku". I refuse to give them hits.

Perjoss3650d ago

I've had a play with this and its really nice.

Also... if the world is ever reduced to rubble as a result of a nuclear war this will come in really useful, oh but the intraweb will be down i guess, nvm.

hay3650d ago

F3 is huge? I have that constant feeling that F2 was bigger...

Perjoss3650d ago

the sun is a lot bigger than the moon, but the moon is still huge.

The Matrix3650d ago

Is easy to make a huge game when it's in 2d and you just copy and paste environments.