GCO: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 Review "Inferno"

GCO: "As long as I could remember there have been wrestling video games, even from back in the days of the SEGA Genesis, but many wrestling games these days have been feed off the same soul. The same old grappling, the same old hits and the same old fireworks. Many of us wonder what has change for the franchise? This time around Yuke's is taking another shot at the championship, but can they really step things up for the gold?"

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CrAppleton3683d ago

since I last played a wrestling game.. Maybe I'll give this one a go round.

bgrundman3683d ago

Last wrestling game I played was WCW vs. NWO back on the Nintendo 64... dam, those were the days!

killyourfm3683d ago

DUDE same here, I remember absolutely sucking balls at that game...but enjoying every second of it.

bgrundman3683d ago

Who is the cover athlete for this year's game?

GCO Gamer3683d ago

shawn michaels and triple h

CrAppleton3683d ago

wow.. triple H is still the man in wrestling huh? That's awesome.. (been a long time since I've watched wrestling too) Wrestling used to be one of my favorite things.. Haven't thought about it in a long time.. maybe I need to catch up