Nintendo: We Will Have Games In 2009 For The 'Halo' Crowd

Stephen Totilo from MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Nintendo has moms and Mario/Zelda fans locked up.

But, since the Wii launched in 2006, the company has had a hard time attracting the hardcore gamers who enjoy things like "Halo," "BioShock" or "Call of Duty."

Nintendo itself, former publisher of "GoldenEye," hasn't even made a game for that crowd since, arguably, the summer of 2007 when "Metroid Prime 3: Corruption" was released.

Is Nintendo not seeking that "Halo"-loving customer?

Nintendo executive vice president of sales and marketing Cammie Dunaway told me last week that the company can get those gamers and has software coming in 2009 that will do the trick."

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DreamcastFanboy3653d ago

Sorry but wii play 2 is not a game that the so called 'halo' Crowd is in to.

buy a ps33653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

this women knows nothing about gaming how the hell did she get into nintendo. she has done nothing but harm nintendo why is she not fired yet.

lokiroo4203653d ago

Shooters on the wii could be cool if done right, Im interested to see what they can pull off.

ThanatosDMC3653d ago

Is that Palin on the picture???

The_EE_God3653d ago

LOL (you stole my words). Wait, Sega published games (Conduit, Mad World) touted as Nintendo games now?

Yeah, Apparently Sega is to Nintendo in the same manner Africa is to "didn't know it's a continent".

SL1M DADDY3653d ago

The title should read, "We will have A game for the hardcore gamers that like Halo next year"...

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Smacktard3653d ago

To be frank, I'm getting tired of all of the first-person shooters. Bioshock didn't interest me, and Halo never has. CoD4 did something great, though. I still love the original CoD more though. I also still love the Half-Life series. I hope the Conduit manages to pull off some of that magic.

BrotherNick3653d ago

I think that I would like a bit more core games. They do have a crapload of money right now, and it'd be a waste not to put it to use on some IP that may bring some of the core back to the wii...Sin and Punishment 2 sounds like a good start.

TruthbeTold3653d ago

Must be Link's crossbow training 2. lol
Even so, I'd buy it if it was a full game this time around. The first one was a nice little demo-like game.

ravinshield3653d ago

is this lady stupid or what, nothing on the wii can compare to halo so the halo crowd wont buy a crappy wii game

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The story is too old to be commented.