GameSpy: Halo Wars Preview

GameSpy writes: "Set 20 years prior to Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo Wars follows the campaign of the UNSC ship of the line Spirit of Fire from a new perspective for the Halo series: real-time strategy. Typically known as a first-person shooter series, Halo Wars pulls the focus back to encompass more than a lone Spartan warrior, instead placing you in charge of entire battalions of UNSC regulars as well as a host of vehicles. During our play session, Ensemble Studios' pedigree shone brightly (these are the same developers that brought PC players the Age of Empires series) in what felt like a unique approach to balancing asymmetrical units with decidedly solid gameplay mechanics."

+Cool asymmetry between factions
+Leader Powers
+Excellent attention to minute graphical details evident everywhere

-No grouping commands could make force management problematic
-Little more than the Halo theme differentiates this from other RTS games

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