TeamXbox: Halo Wars: Extended Play Hands-on

TeamXbox writes: "
We've said it before and we'll say it again: these opportunities to play nearly complete games for a lengthy but limited period of time are great from our point of view professionally, since it gives us more to talk about to the gamers hungry for info. But from an actual game players point of view (which everyone who writes about videogames professionally truly is at their core) they can be torture, only stoking the flames to play the complete game.

Getting to sit down for a solid three hours of solitary continuous gameplay is something I usually look forward to – putting some headphones on, sitting back, trying to take notes and not spill coffee on oneself – but this opportunity to play Halo Wars resulted in my flames being fanned. The taste I got has a few subtle hints in its flavor profile; the full body of the Xbox's biggest franchise with an aroma of Ensemble Studios expertise in RTS development with notes of vanilla and tarragon. Everything looks like it's coming together nicely for Halo Wars."

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