X-Play SOCOM Confrontation Review

"SOCOM is one of those franchises that pretty much every gamer knows about, regardless of whether they've actually played any of its iterations going back to its debut on the PlayStation 2 several years ago. The series became a mega hit by offering players insanely fun and intense multiplayer action that rewarded teamwork and required strategy to be successful. Fans will be happy to know that these ideas are still very much alive and well in the series' PS3 debuts, SOCOM: Confrontation. Unfortunately, you'll have to look past and put up with a ton of glitches, bugs, painfully long load times, and plenty of other technical issues in order to find that solid multiplayer experience the game so desperately wants to provide. In short, expect to be very disappointed."

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empathe3653d ago

pretty harsh even after the patches

badz1493653d ago

this is probably the one before the patch or they just want to downplay SOCOM! or...are they trying to say that all the sites which re-reviewed the game are lying? after the patch, the game runs smoothly even on my crappy 1Mbps connection! it's a blast and extremely addictive. long load times? 20-30 seconds are long? especially for an online game? I didn't know that! this review is a joke at best!

PoSTedUP3653d ago

"you'll have to look past and put up with a ton of glitches, bugs, painfully long load times, and plenty of other technical issues"

@ badz- i agree man... wtf are they talking about? long load timez? 1 minute is long? they are obviously reviewing the beta lol. f***tards... (-_-)

badz1493653d ago

that's what I'm talking about! X-Play as a whole is full of FAIL! I remember earlier this year they announced G-Phoria 08 game of the year and they gave it to Halo3! Halo 3 was a last years game and they actually gave it game of the year 08? that's kinda stupid! I think, most of them at X-Play are either snails or sloth or just simply retards!! they are too fvcking slow!

KARMA20093653d ago

hell no,BS X-Play its a 4/5,fun fun fun.

elorm93653d ago

Good thing is that this mess can be patched up. But I really think /6 dropped the ball on this one, I wonder how things would've been with Zipper developing the game. Guess they're still busy with the MAG testing

Raoh3653d ago

i aint mad. the only difference is that sony doesnt have someone from g4tv making videos about how aside from bugs their favorite games are BADAZZ like kevin or adam. too human anyone? G4 defended the hell out of that game..

truth is aside from the bugs, small game in scope (its a small title like prologue)

either way, if you go to the playstation forums. scroll to the bottom, it lists the most popular and frequented forums. SOCOM tops it each and every time. only dipping into the second or third most frequented forum upon releases like littlebigplanet, resistance 2 etc..

tons of issues, some network stutter now and then.. and still its one of my favorite games out.

truth is that it is flawed. so i wont get mad at poor reviews. on the surface it deserves poor reviews and sony should be ashamed of themselves.

but another truth is that socom has always been one of the greatest shooters out and the fact that the socom forum AND the socom game servers are full at all times says the game still is one of the best shooters out since the socom game was initially announced.

Gerry3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Two things i will say about this review from X-Play

1) This review is spot on.

2) Morgan Webb is fu*ken hot! (even tho she doesnt do the review)

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