TrustedReviews: Mirror's Edge Review

TrustedReviews writes:

"Score wise, it could have been a nine – maybe even a ten – but instead I feel horribly tempted to curse it with a six and have some small revenge. But then I play it again and remember just how thrilling this first-person platformer can be. A mildly disappointing seven it is, then, but one that's clawing towards an eight were I feeling kind. I'd like to be, and I dearly hope DICE will come back for another crack, maybe having learned some lessons from this time around. Kudos to the studio for coming up with a new concept and a new experience, but it would be great if it was consistently enjoyable and not so frequently and damnably annoying.

An incredible first-person spin on the platform game played at breakneck speed for incredible thrills. If only it wasn't bogged down by so much thoughtless or directionless level design."

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