Exploding Barrel -Left 4 Dead Review

Does Left 4 Dead live up to Valve's standards of excellent quality, or is this finally a blemish in their otherwise flawless portfolio?

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Breakfast3678d ago

Gameplay > Graphics

Learn it. MS has.


Sony Rep3678d ago

RROD Replacements /= Sales

Learn it.


GiantEnemyCrab3678d ago

WTH happened to your bubbles? This place is lame! Breakfast isn't a fanboy and while he loves to rile people up he does it with wit and not insults.


hazbaz3678d ago

Yeah. Say that to Socom haters :)

Panthers3678d ago

gotta admit sony rep that was funny

solar3678d ago

mr. breakfast is correct. game play is way greater than graphics.

but i know the fanboys of this generation. tomorrow ill be shooting zombies at a giganitc awesome sweet kickass superior resolution....tomorrow you console fanboys will be arguing over 720p graphics. have fun! i know i will be!

Traveler3678d ago

Actually, his comment was kind of lame. Almost nobody would spend hundreds of dollars to replace a defective 360 when Microsoft fixes them for free. Besides, the whole RROD thing has been greatly exaggerated. There are lots of people, like me, who have never had a problem with their 360s. People who have not had any problems with their 360s do not tend to comment on that fact on the internet. It's the people with problems that tend to comment most on the subject. Not only that, but any PS3 or Wii fanboy can claim that their "Xbox 360" died on them. The only semi-reliable numbers we ever had to go on pegged the failure rate of EARLY 360s at 15%. Newer 360 have smaller, cooler chipsets and are much more reliable. I remember an analysis over at Neogaf that showed the falcon chipsets to have a failure rate comparable to most other electronic devices.

Kleptic3678d ago

'correct' comment or was loaded...this game has nothing to do with Sony or MS...if anything its just that Valve has learned 'gamplay over graphics'...Valve has always delivered on gameplay...and only once on graphics (HL2 arguably, although HL 1 wasn't bad at the time either)...

reason the comment is somewhat pointless though is that Killzone 2 is busy delivering on both...about 30 beta previews went up last week...every single one of them positive on both I really don't know what you were getting at, breakfast...

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tatotiburon3678d ago

wow another great score, Gears 2 and L4D are killing the competition.

ASSASSYN 36o3678d ago

Nov. is always the month for xbox!

Crazywhitie3678d ago

I Picked this game up today Amazing, Single Player fun but Multi-player is Crazy Fun... Insane, Best Co-op game Eever.. as long as you don't get that random kid,, one know the one

Sony Rep3678d ago

I'll be waiting for the PS3 version...with extra content.

Traveler3678d ago

You'll probably be waiting a long time. Why hate the 360 so much? The 360 is a great console and you could be enjoying all the exclusives, timed-exclusives, and console exclusives it gets, plus the better versions of many multiplatform games.

Dread3678d ago

wow seems like another great game for us. I don't know how to juggle gears, fable , fallout and no this.

here here

be gamers not haters.


SSJSubgeta3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

I got and still havent touched,

Samurai Dou 3
Mirrors Edge (Imported from US and got my bag too!)
Resistance 2 Imported from US
Motor Storm 2 Imported from US
Socom Confrontations
Gears 2 Imported from US
Left 4 Dead Imported from US
Tomb Raider Underworld Imported from US

I am currently playing
Dead Space Imported from US
5th round on impossible to complete 100% trophy's and game completion.

White Knight Chronicles: Got to play with it for about an 1hr
(Got it early and exceeded my expectations, GET!)

mcd0043678d ago

Really... White Knight Chronicles?
Let me guess... How to talk bullsh!t 101 (imported from US)

SSJSubgeta3678d ago

Do you ever think for a moment that not everyone who visits this site resides in the US? What's with the offensive approach?

But to inform you I have family back in Chicago. I currently live and work in Japan. I import some of my games from the states rather then spend twice the amount here for an English version of the game. I rather pay $65 then $85 for an English version of the game. I get mostly all US dev games in their localized presentation and JP made ones are readily available here. Hope that helps.

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