GT: Super Street Fighter II HD - Exclusive Round 2 Trailer has released an exclusive trailer for the upcoming downloadable title Super Street Fighter II: Turbo HD Remix.

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Yi-Long3677d ago

... but this game looks BAD.

Bland boring backgrounds, some crappy sprites, and the same choppy animation that was already pretty mediocre 15 years ago.

I LOVED the idea of a next-gen HD remake of Street Fighter 2.

This.... is NOT how it should be done.

I'll be keeping an eye out on the new 2d HD King of Fighters, which DOES look like it will deliver a truly great next-gen, HD sprite-based, experience.

Such a shame they didnt give this project 100%, like REALLY having great background art, lots of colours, lots of animation, lots of effects, great new sound, etc etc.

This could (and thus should) have been so much more than what they're offering us now.

Tacki3677d ago

Even though I'm very much looking forward to this since I haven't played Street Fighter II since the SNES days... I have to say I can understand where you're coming from.

I don't think it looks BAD... but I have no doubt that Capcom COULD have done alot more with it. I've heard them say they didn't want to add any new animations to keep it in line with the original... but I think it probably had alot to do with Capcom not wanting to allocate more of their resources to the project. Took them long enough just to get this done. By this time I think they've also realized that they can make slight adjustments to the game and people will buy it.

Then you look at 3rd Strike. They really changed up the game quite a bit with that one and it was able to find a loyal audience... but wasn't an especially huge hit for them. I feel like they keep looking at Street Fighter II and are really desperate to capture that large an audience once again. In some ways you can't blame them. They're a company and their goal is to make money... but I do wish they'd put a little more effort into some of their Street fighter projects and really turn out a much improved, next-gen quality product.

Of course I'm not sure they could have done a remake on a bigger scale than this and still managed to get out Street Fighter IV. Then again it might not even be necessary if they went for a really huge remake.

Ah, well... I see what you mean though. I'm very much anticipating King of Fighters XII as well. That game really looks like something special and the animation is incredible! Blazblue is another I've got my eye on as that looks really great and is a bit of a different type of fighting game than King of Fighters or Street Fighter.