How to Sign Into LIVE with Leaked NXE Preview

Didn't get into the NXE Preview? Don't fret, you can still sign into live.

Credit goes to xHaVoK87 for this information.

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utesch143346d ago

you cant click on any of the marketplace blades though so its kinda pointless.

richierich3346d ago

Will MS ban you if you do this?

Jadaking3346d ago

Just wait, it comes out tomorrow.

Sean Ryno3346d ago

Thats neat enough. Though it would be really awesome to be able to play my games. . . . :-(

steve30x3346d ago

I think its bad enough that I installed the leaked NXE. I dont want to further risk a ban from Xbox Live

FantasyStar3346d ago

It worked! I don't think I'll be banned, but meh if I was.

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The story is too old to be commented.