DX10 for Age of Conan Finally Coming (…Soon)

If you're one of the four people who still play Age of Conan and you've been anxiously awaiting the DX10 graphics (you know, the ones they say the game has on the back of the box since launch but never quite made the cut?) then good news! In the next major update you'll (probably) get DX10 graphics!

In his November letter to the community, Age of Conan Game Director Craig Morrison revealed that with the new PVP system and Ymir's Pass now in place, in the next major AoC update Funcom plans on adding the highly-desired DirectX 10 graphics.

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bumnut3680d ago

tumbleweed blows past

Ghoul3680d ago

i dont care anymore, AOC was a HUUUGE letdown.

Avery3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Age of Conan still has more subscriptions than LoTRO. There is plenty of people interested in this, some 200k subsribers..

Game is nothing like it was at release, 5 mins of experience 5 months ago doesn't count for anything now.

Not to mention there is more dx10 features coming in than any other mmorpg out there and most games labelled as dx10.