Redbox Goes Blu

Redbox, the company best know for red boxes (excuse the irony) rental kiosk which are found in various grocery stores and restaurants is now "officially" supporting Blu-ray. This coming after the "retailer" made space for Blu-ray on their official website.

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PoSTedUP3677d ago

everyone will go "blu", i am personally going "blu" at the end of this month : D

LightningPS33677d ago

Where I live, I still don't have a means of renting blu ray consistanly, I have to travel 12 miles into town, or rent online.

my local blockbuster 2 miles away doesn't carry blu ray it's a sh*tty franchise store.

There is a redbox outside the Mcdonalds, if they start getting blu ray there, that will be cool. I can actually now rent when ever I want, not having to drive far.

pwnsause3677d ago

i can confirm this, i've seen a redbox loaded with BD movies in my local Grocery store.