Microsoft Creeps Us Out With Lips TV Spots

Microsoft is aware that Nintendo is the company that "puts more smiles on more faces," so it doesn't bother trying to compete on the happy front. Instead, the company wants to invade your nightmares, filling them with hollowed out heads and disembodied mouth creatures. The company's newest creative torment is for the iNiS developed Xbox 360 singing game Lips, in which a man is haunted by a stalking pair of sentient, lyric-forgetting lips. The mouth beast travels across harsh terrain and unfavorable weather conditions to force the man to do his bidding - to sing A-Ha's "Take On Me" for the sadistic ambling maw's delight. The horror....

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HighDefinition3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

That was CREEPY.

I hope I NEVER see that one on my HD.

Bnet3433349d ago

I must be the only one who though it was cool. Coming from a guy who plans to stick to singstar :)

CloudsEnd3349d ago

The only creepy Commercial from Microsoft is that with those open heads!
Those are freaking me out!

The Lips commercial is rather funny! :D

shine13963349d ago

I actually like this advert

Megatron083349d ago

i wouldnt say creepy but its weird

Man_of_the_year3349d ago

That commercial was awesome. Absolutely nothing creepy about that. Great advertising for the game "LIPS". I found it rather humorous and entertaining. The Lips had personality and i found the part funny where the lips stumble right at the lyric "stumble".

Great Advertising...I hope sony is taking notes.

butterfinger3348d ago

Honestly, this Lips commercial reminded me a lot of Sony's style of advertising except they used a catchy song and unique voice that gave it that extra bump. I want Lips now. lol. After seeing Resistance 2 commercials I was almost too weirded out to play it. /sarcasm

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r2kcipher3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

wow no one is going to see that.. then run to the store to pick it up.. its not like a good commercial.. would make this crappy game anymore appealing to me anyway..

STFUAJPG3349d ago

I loled. I like it. Pretty funny.

hades073349d ago

I agree, I thought it was pretty funny too. Looks like they stole some ideas from those recent coke commercials with the brain, tongue, and eyeballs.

bloop3349d ago

Yeah, how is this creeping people out?!?! I thought it was funny :-)

Xi3349d ago

This is similar to sony, you have odd commercials that tend to hold the attention of the market for longer but risk losing the average person because it's "too" bizarre, I bet eventually you'll see more regular adds along side these adds to garner attention.

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The story is too old to be commented.