The Azure Palace Has Returned

Dana Olson writes: "The Azure Palace has now returned. Hopefully Sony is making changes to the moderation system for the future, so things like this do not happen."

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thor3651d ago

Probably got deleted by a trigger-happy employee - nothing more. It must be tough to organise, I guess they have numerous people doing it full time... so it must be really hard to regulate what actually gets moderated.

Sunny_D3651d ago

maybe but sweet i always wanted to play it again.... especially when i lost the key. i always knew when moderators take things off, it would be saved in a history section so they can always bring it back up just incase things like this happen.

Mikelarry3651d ago

you dont tout a game as being able to allow users to create game items/maps and then moderate ruthlessly when a user produces something you think without proper investigation infringes on another material. this behaviour wont encourage users to want to create and share items. glad to see they have coem to thier senses and brought it back.

Dragunov3651d ago

Good to see the moderators doing something right. Lots of work in azure palace, good level

ultimolu3651d ago

I'm very glad to hear.

I'll play this game after I get halfway through Dead Space.

I knew they'd work it out.

Sharpshell3651d ago

until Azure's Palace got deleated, because it was one of the best levels I have ever played. Thank God its back. BTW ultimolu... when you are done with Dead Space search Dead space in LBp some of those levels are sick!

GrabthroatShinkicker3651d ago

that's unfortunate... lots of good levels have been moderated for no reason. world of color is another example. just because a very popular level disappeared doesn't mean that the people who poured hours of work into other, less popular, though equally original and inventive, should have been previously ignored. those creators deserve to have their work returned as well, and the moderation system should be overhauled to protect creators more than people who file false grief reports.

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