Wrath of the Lich King Already Beaten

Did Blizzard sellout the hard core to instead grovel at the feet of its casual base?

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Viewtiful3651d ago

It's a tough call, but Blizzard could see a world of hurt coming their way if they in fact made Lich King for the Casual players.

cain1413651d ago

Yeah there really isn't much left to do after that...

Megatron083651d ago

maybe they should be taking notes from eq cause I dont think any of the expansion they came out with got beaten in 4 days and they've made like 20 of them

kwicksandz3651d ago

To clear woltk you would have to kill arthas THE LICH KING. They just beat Naxx, an instance they had already beaten @60 and in the beta for wotlk.

I doubt most of the commentors on this site would grasp that fact either.

xhairs93651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

In my opinion hitting lvl 80 is the end game period. Not only did you hit the top level but there is absolutely nothing left to do except possibly raid (which in first you have to get the gear) which means more dungeon crawling horribleness. Their idea of PVP being world PVP is complete garbage -- the sides are so uneven there is never a battle going on. And the fact that all you can do in your spare time (while not trying to get a pug group for a dungeon because you can never clear dungeons with horrible pugs period) is farm for herbs and other stupid crap. I'm sorry but the game is trash if you ask me you shouldn't have to spend 3 weeks trying to make a pair of boots that are quickly replaced by the first real game dungeon. Complete garbage.

---- EDIT ----

Not to mention you missed the original post on their site completely. The NAXX post is under the Malygos achievement, 2 completely different posts. Boy don't you just look foolish now Mr. Lich King.

KeenanTheSavage3650d ago

Yeah seriously. They're going to put out a new game if they want to keep serious players loyal, and they're obviously going to have to pump up the difficulty a little bit.

kwicksandz3650d ago

You just dont get. Im sure whoever cleared Kara for the first time posted about it online but that doesnt mean that they "BEAT BC" You couldn't even get into BT for months after BC launched.

lvl 80 isnt the endgame. The end-game STARTS at the level cap. Just because your a scrub and cant clear PVE content doesnt mean endgame content isn't there, you just choose not to experience it.

In conclusion, you fail, WOLTK has not been cleared and good day sir.

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cain1413651d ago

That's insane, that someone has already beaten the expansion...

ihaten4glol3651d ago

How many hours must have they put into this consecutively?!

HighDefinition3651d ago

Who put in 24hr and passed the f**k out.


italianbreadman3651d ago

Damn, either Blizzard effed up...or some people simply redefine the term "hardcore"

Panthers3650d ago

or redefined the term "loser" and "no life"

Meus Renaissance3651d ago

These people have no lives. It's embarrassing

Viewtiful3651d ago

That's inherently inaccurate since obviously their life is Warcraft.

593651d ago

yep, no WOW player is "hardcore", its just "embarrassing".

Zhit3650d ago

This is good news. Now many people are in the new SK/Nihlum guild? 100? So 25 people beat the content. What kind of lives do you think they have? If they have jobs I bet they aren't making enough to pay for child care, mortgage, and car payments. Do they even have families? Maybe these top players will quit WoW for another game. Maybe they'll develop social lives outside the game. Who knows? I am sure Blizzard won't notice 10,000 or even 100,000 hard core players leaving.

Now, perhaps instead of only a small percentage ever seeing all the really cool end game raids, maybe regular people will get a chance. I play with friends and about all we had the time to accomplish was Kara. With raid content more accessible, I bet I can get more friends to play and those that quit to resubscribe. Blizzard might loose 100,000 hard core players, but they will probably gain a million or two of casual players.

As a final note--I bet those casual players are less of a pain in the ass too. Casuals don't complain in the forums. Casuals don't stay on line for 18 hours consuming lots of server resources. And the list goes on.

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