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GameSpy writes: "Perhaps more than any year that's come before it, 2008 could be called The Year of Living Cooperatively. This holiday season has seen the release of many excellent co-op games on every gaming platform, from Gears of War 2 to Call of Duty: World at War to Resistance 2. While all of those games are great examples of where co-op gaming could be headed in the future, for the last few months our eyes have been focused squarely on Valve's Left 4 Dead. Instead of just shoehorning a second player into a traditional single-player campaign, Left 4 Dead has been specifically built for co-op play from the ground up, and the resulting product is one of the most intense, enjoyable gaming experiences to date. It gets better with every human player that's added, to the point that playing with three of your friends is close to gaming nirvana".

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Maxned3678d ago

I cant believe this game is getting good scores despite lackluster graphics.
Just tells you that the story, co-op and the experience looks to be amazing :)
Only downside is that I'm playing 4 games right now.

BobDog3677d ago

graphics dont make a game fun

Silogon3677d ago

I've got it right now... sorry to say.

solar3678d ago

uh oh. another good score for L4D. bring on the "graphics suck", "its a mod turned game", "gabe's fat" comments.

another AAA title for Valve. too bad you ps3 guys cant enjoy it. you are gonna be missing out. <3 Valve.

Xi3678d ago

Because it's a 360 game being made by valve.

solar3677d ago

sorry i totally forgot. nice catch Xi.

tatotiburon3677d ago

don't forget the "free pass" hahah

gambare3677d ago

missing? My PC is happy to have this title

BobDog3677d ago

it isnt only a 360 title

Figboy3677d ago

i can play Resistance 2, Killzone 2 beta, Little Big Planet, and Valkyria Chronicles on the big screen HDTV,

then load up L4D on my PC when i want some zombie killing action.

tell me, since you seem to only own or care about the 360, can you do the same?

i have access to FIVE great games (and more if i count Fable 2, Far Cry 2, and Fallout 3), while you only have access to the 360 "exclusive" titles.

Valve pisses me off, because of how they unprofessionally sh*t all over the PS3, but there's no denying that they make fantastic games. Half Life fricking revolutionized FPS titles (there'd be no games like Halo 3 or COD4 if it wasn't for what Half Life did).

InMyOpinion3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

You forgot that 360 owners also have access to the better versions of multiplat titles. I mean only an idiot would pay more for a console to play second best titles on a lacklustre online service.

"Resistance 2, Killzone 2 beta, Little Big Planet, and Valkyria Chronicles". lol! Listen to this - Gears of War 2. Ooops!

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iggypop1233677d ago

graphics suck but it was fun while i tried it. this has no shot for GOTY

BobDog3677d ago

if ur talking about trying it as the demo, cause the game isnt out yet untill midnight tonight

i loved the demo,

Sharpshell3677d ago

and I don't own a 360.. because I own a PC... So I guess us PS3 guys can enjoy it...

the thing thats infuriating about this is the game, clearly designed for PC, you guys only care about becasue its on 360 as well, if it scored like this without a 360 version would you be acting all high and mighty as if this game is a personal attack on all that is Sony?

P.S. Gabe is fat, and a d-bag. But l4d still looks wicked good as do all ofthe rest of his PC centric games... b/c the ps3 version of the orange box might have been worse than the 360 but anybody who bought it for anything other than a PC is an idiot, regardless of system.

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