GameDaily: Animal Crossing: City Folk Review

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, you still live in a town full of animals, make friends and decorate your home -- the same formula as previous games. However, there's something enjoyable about exploring, especially with Wi-Fi Connection support. You can interact with three friends through online play, taking part in sporting competitions and visiting new locales. Sadly, local co-op isn't an option, the graphics look last generation and GameDaily had little fun using the WiiSpeak microphone. If you're a fan of the series, you'll want to move into this City right away. Otherwise, pay a casual visit before you settle down.

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Maxned3651d ago

As a wii owner, I think this is a joke of a game.
The graphics are hardly past GC graphics and the only way this game could have been AAA is if they made it MMO or close to that.
Whatever Im playing like 4-5 games right now anyways. I havent eaten lunch in 2 days I have no money... lol.
Games over Food!