RUMOR: 'Halo 3: Recon' To Headline Major Downloadable Games

Along with the GTAIV update next year, Halo 3: Recon could be one of the first games out of Microsoft that will be sold in retail and online at the same time. Half-Life 2 Episode 3 may also make its way to Xbox Live Marketplace.

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rogimusprime3626d ago

I know another company that tried that...successfully. Starts with an "S" and ends with an "ONY".

I like my XBOX and all, but I'll buy the disc thank you very much. With the crappy proprietary hard drives that are outrageously priced, at least I'll be able to make some dough off selling it used.

ry-guy3627d ago

This sounds like someone listened to hiphopgamer's show and just echoed their rumours.


Maxned3627d ago

I hate it when their stupid stories get to the top of the news on N4G. Stop giving them attention, people! Its only their way to get viewers. They give stupid rumors that everyone salivates over and none of them will ever come true.

ry-guy3627d ago

Let us not forget that Bungie has said in their own podcast that this is a retail disk purchase and will NOT be downloaded.

I Call 9MM3627d ago

Wouldn't be a bad idea to get this onto Live as a downloadable piece. I like downloads and all, no lines to wade through for hot new releases, and they probably let you download and pre-load your console a day or two before you can play it (like some steam games), but for the 360 we need cheaper, competitively price and higher capacity alternatives to the current hard drive offerings. Either a) price reduce the 120 gig model down to under a hundred dollars (CDN) and introduce a higher density version too a respectable price (320 gig 5400 RPM drives are around 130 bucks CDN right now, give or take), b) introduce a cradle adapter to the 360 that will allow us to exchange and connect any 2.5 inch drive to the 360 and finally c) let us plug in a USB HDD for storage.

It all comes down to what Microsoft thinks will make more money: sales of accessories (we all know that is a 360 problem), sale of the content itself and allow the consumer to choose the storage medium, or some combination of both (which they seem to be banking on now).

Dragunov3627d ago

Nickel and Dime FTW!! Microsoft will rape the arcade owners if this is true, but they need to compete with the downloads of PSN

jack who3627d ago

arcade owners can go on and get 2 game+20gb hdd for 10$

whos getting rape now?

Imallvol73627d ago

well this sucks . . . my 20gig cant even handle a few demos

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The story is too old to be commented.