More Gears of War 2 Official Updates

Rod Fergesson of EPIC Games has spoken regarding the Matchmaking issues.

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SoulKillah3653d ago

They better fix this or else alot of people are gonna be pissed..

Bnet3433653d ago

Here's the direct link to the forum post by Rod:


I am glad this will be fixed. Epic is a very good gaming company and knows how to treat it's fans.

Bodhi3653d ago

People on N4G think otherwise Kigmal...

lol at the disagrees on Kigmal.

Chancz3653d ago

I've always trusted Epic, surely they'll fix this.

Uwe_Boll3653d ago

they just need to put it back how it was in Gears 1

ThanatosDMC3653d ago

Put them up!

I agree. It would make things a lot easier.

vmanj3653d ago

yes gear2 has itz weeknesses in multiplayer but itz a bad good game, the campaign is hella good but short, and overall gameplay is just amazing...definitely a big improvement from the first and itll b even good after they fix all the issuez!!!!

p.s horde mode is so dam first i thought it wasnt gonna b fun but itz so addictive

Lord Vader3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )



Cheeky Gamer3653d ago

Matchmaking does = fail

But Gears of War's MP is most certainly not better than Gears of War 2's MP. When you actually get into a game (after about 5 hours or so), there's nothing quite like it. It makes Gears of War's MP looks mediocre to say the least.

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