Lens of Truth: Call of Duty - World at War Head2Head Comparison

Lens of Truth compares Call of Duty: World at War for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. They go in detail with video and screenshot rollovers showing minor texture issues in the PlayStation 3 version.


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Silogon3680d ago

My game just doesn't look like those pics... I don't know what it is but my Ps3 must have been made by the hands of god, cause none of these comparisons are ever accurate with what my tv and ps3 output to me visually.

With that said... The Ps3 version in those pics has better lighting to me. The texture detail is nigh indecernable and the only reason why it wouldn't be is because the pics were blown up from their original size.

Pulling straws here.

jaidek3680d ago

It's a good comparison. Both versions are soo very close, but there is a difference. Silogon, keep in mind that games look drastically different on various TV's. But according to their video they capture the actual source. Source has no brightness, sharpening, etc.

Just interesting to see how some developers translate textures to the PlayStation 3 perfectly, while others seem to get it 90% there.

goflyakite3680d ago

I agree, these videos/pics from comparisons look a lot worse then actually are on my tv.

ArthurLee3680d ago

I am not a big COD fan but this video makes me want it. I would go with the 360 version , but they are close.

Sea_Man3680d ago

Yeah these images are dead on. I have seen both running side by side at an Internet cafe and on 2 of the same televisions and yes, the xbox does have higher res- images. Sorry but the xbox wins this time around and I'm goanna buy the superior version.

"Death to the Wii"

RudeSole Devil3680d ago

Glad you have money to waste, but when people drop over $700 on Xbox 360 and PS3 hardware have the right to know which version to own. I was fooled before when Call of Duty 4 came out. After I bought the PS3 version I found out the hard way that major video game websites reviewed the games as being identical when the Xbox 360 version was the superior one. With sites like Len of Truth, they help me decide not to pay $63 on the inferior version. Saving me the trip back to Game Stop for them to give $30 trade in value.

ArthurLee3680d ago

That's funny you should say that because that's exactly what I did for COD4. I bought it for the PS3 only to find out the 360 was the better version with cleaner textures and online that works without problems , most of the time.

I will never again spend $64.00 on a multi platform game until I see these video comparisons.

iHEARTboobs3680d ago

What problems with COD4 did you experience? I've had it for almost a year and haven't really experienced any problems. I think i remember the servers maybe going down once. But to call one version over the other superior is foolish. Both look about the same, sometimes the PS3 version looked better, other times the 360 version looked better imo. None of us would notice any difference if we were actually playing through it and not looking at it under a microscope. Some games look slightly better on PS3, others look slightly better on 360. For the most part they're about the same. The only two games i can recall working a lot better on the 360 was I think Madden 08 and Orange Box. All others aren't really noticeable.

Blitzed3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

That kind of logic doesn't fly around here and writing a sensible post like yours is a waste of time and energy.

That energy could be put to better use indulging in your love of boobs, a love which I share! Now I am off to do a comparison of my wife's left and right boob. Depending on her mood, a video review may follow ;)

On Topic: LOL after using the roll over comparison I have reaffirmed an earlier conclusion that fanboys have way too much time on their hands

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vmartin123680d ago

Sigh, they should start optimizing ports to running equally on both systems.

Hopefully there will be more games that make PS3 lead platform..

ArthurLee3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

yeah ported games have a feeling of cheese about them. Anyway my PS3 will sit there again , while my 360 would get the love on this one.....if I get it.

badz1493680d ago

these comparison videos are getting annoying game after game! be glad that the games came to whatever console they are on and people with either console can enjoy! I doubt anybody can play more than 1 version of the game simultaneously side by side just so that they can 'feel' the differences! the game is available for you to play regardless of what console you own. I think that is more a 'WIN' than "my version look slightly better" kind of 'WIN'! in the end of the day, the PC version beats all!!

Baron793680d ago

I understand your point but to call these videos pointless is just your opinion and a one sided one.

Despite the silly things the fanboys say and do there are some of us who have both platforms and love them both equally.

But as you know certian games come out for both platforms and these multi platform people need a way to decide which version should get their $$$.

Videos like these help me greatly in deciding which version to get. Pretty simple man!

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Baron793680d ago

It's a close one but I gotta say , this one goes to the 360. Just seems a little sharper.

RudeSole Devil3680d ago

Your right maybe the next Call of duty will be a closer comparison.. The Xbox 360 is not only sharper but the PS3 version is missing effects. Look at the fire in their video, the heat effect around the fire is completing missing in the PS3 version. What else could be missing?

Baron793680d ago

I agree man. It's all the little effects that really give a game that WOW factor.

Sony needs more exclusives. I really want to see what that thing (my PS3) could do!

evildeli3680d ago

What I don't understand is why the PS3 is missing the fire blur effect, but then the Xbox was missing the misting effect when the boat first hits the water. I would say they cancel each other out. That leads to the next issue down the line, the texture quality. Xbox wins there. I'd say this was a close call.

Sea_Man3680d ago

I can't get over the zombie mode!! Eat your heart out Left 4 Dead!!

Socom3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

But it seem like a last minute addition because the zombie mode is endless waves of zombies? I got to round 14 before it becomes undoable. Can you even finish zombie mode? Do you even get something for finishing it? There is a big "??" in the upper floor that I havent found out what it means.

But yea, if Treyarch patches the zombie mode with addition levels or even make an expansion pack with additional zombie mode levels, they will totally OWN left4dead.

I kid you not. Imagine Escape from hordes of zombies on the map "Downfall". WOW that would be SICK. With a boss at the end. And on the Seelom map.

Because if there is one thing COD World at war shined, it is the visuals and the artistic style. Some maps are absolutely BEAUTIFUL with great lighting and detail.

Left4dead is downright N64 graphics compared to that. Treyarch can own left4dead if they play smart.

Read my COD World at war user review for more information.

Sea_Man3680d ago

God. If they did that I could die happy!

Baron793680d ago

"Left4dead is downright N64 graphics compared to that. Treyarch can own left4dead if they play smart."

LOL! Your right. I've been playing Gears 2 and this COD demo for a while now and been waiting and waiting for the Left 4 Dead demo. When it finally came out I was thrown off by how bad it looked.

I will still get it. It is too much fun blowing apart zombies with your buddies but this game owns it in graphics.

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