Editorial: Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii: Who's Winning And How

Derrick Schommer examines, analyzes and explains the numbers that were issued by GameDaily on hardware and software releases since 2007.


"Although a few of us expected Sony's PlayStation 3 to make huge progress this year, each month they have marginal growth is causing their competitors to excel beyond anyones imagination. We're starting to wonder how well Sony's "10 year plan" is going to work out with their competitors taking advantage of the market now when, in 10-years, they will be sitting on their pile of cash to re-invest in the 8th generation of consoles."

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Capital G3650d ago

the console that gives the best gaming experience should win

but on the other hand, look how well the ps3 has already sold

Monchichi0253650d ago

Kinda hard to argue with pure numbers in your face! The Wii is kcking some serious arse!!!

Xbox is doing exceptionally well, especially on the software side!

But Sony....they've seen better days. Maybe 2009 will finally be there year!??? Maybe????

kapedkrusader3650d ago

...For one, you cannot compare the 360s sales-to-date with the PS3s sales-to-date because it's been on the market much longer. In reality, the PS3 is performing almost exactly as the 360 performed it's first two years and considering there were no other next-gen consoles on the market when the 360 came out, I'd say the PS3 is doing well. In terms of software, how can he say that the Wii cannot compare to the 360s software sales? Again, the 360 had a year head start and the Wii has 73 million to the Xbox's 90 million. This jackass is reading these charts completely out of context!

Beast_Master3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

I actually enjoy my articles with real facts and figures. I mean the Software comment it is beyond stupid. "93 million to 73 million" so with a year head start the 360 has only 20 million software lead. Dude MS wishes their studios could come close to Nintendo's sales. I mean for goodness sakes Nintendogs has sold 18 million World wide on the ds that is sick!! Nintendo may not move as much 3rd party stuff. But my god they are making hand over fist above Sony and MS.

I hate this guy even more he makes me defend the F---ing WII> JERK

Let's not forget Nintendo and Sony have multiple consoles ok. Last I checked there were 30+ million PSPs and 70+ million DS which makes Sony and Nintendo better than MS in terms of profitable. MS on the other hand is closing Ensemble, breaking with Bungie, they let Bio-ware walk..hmmm makes me wonder if MS will even be in the next gen? Does anyone else see the writing on the wall for MS?

kapedkrusader3650d ago

...this is a load of Sh!t.

Real Gambler3650d ago

Would be nice to add Europe, and Asia

Still, it's impressive that the Wii, managed to beat the 360 in it's own territory.

Will be fun to look at this chart, in 6 to 12 months and see if the recession had any effect.

Bodhi3650d ago

To be honest now, the "Year of the PS3" thing is a joke now. I remember when MGS4 was released and people were shouting that left and right and now everyone has ditched 2008 and went to 2009. This has been going on since the release of the PS3 in 2006... This is pretty similar to The Boy Who Cried Wolf...

DiabloRising3650d ago

The concept of "year of anything" is a joke. So is the concept of "game killer" and "system seller." It's buzz words and media hype that has trickled down to the less intelligent gaming populace who feel they need to justify their purchase.

If anything this is the year of the gamer. Gears 2, L4D, R2, MGS4, LBP, Fallout... its been a pretty damn awesome year, and 2009 looks to be great as well.

Bodhi3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Yeah Onslaught I agree completely, I rarely see 360 fanboys saying Year of the 360 unless a PS3 fanboy says Year of the PS3 first though. That's why I said the Year of the PS3 specifically.

It's more prevalent amongst the PS3 fanboys as they speculated that upon the PS3s launch, the 360 would die like the Dreamcast. They just keep going now-a-days.

The entire concept of fanboys is pretty ridiculous now.

DiabloRising3650d ago

It works both ways. I wouldn't call out one group of fanboys as 'worse' since both are equally as bad in my experience. While they may not say "year of the 360" they are equally as disgusting with their claims of PS3 has no games and their constant insistence on things like sales numbers over fun.

Gears 2 sold 2 million! That's awesome!.... if you work for Epic or MS. If you're a gamer, why aren't you talking about things like the story or the fun gameplay? No, it has to be sales numbers in relation to other titles, thus the other titles "suck." But I digress.

As for the death of the 360, that's just silly. Sega as in deep crap from years of bad business decisions and bad hardware launches. MS stepped up their game (despite god awful hardware quality) and its clear they are here to stay. Sony fanboys keep going, but check around and tell me how many "PS3 is doomed/BD is dead/Can this save the PS3?" articles there are. Again, it works both ways, and I won't call out one group over another.

As you said, its just ridiculous from both sides. I never thought I could find a site worse than Gamefaqs. Then I found N4G, a great concept butt fvcked by fanboys.

Traveler3650d ago

The problem, OnslaughtX, is that sales figures are a convenient and legitimate metric to determine how healthy a game platform is. PS3 fanboys are constantly saying how the Xbox 360 is going to die and the future belongs to the PS3. When I hear that, of course I am going to bring sales figures into the discussion. Better selling games also tend to get better funded sequels which without a doubt does have an impact on a game's quality. Sales are not the end-all-be-all, but they certainly are important and are worth discussing.

I understand what Bodhi is talking about. We are constantly hearing from PS3 fanboys that "X" year is the year of the PS3, but we don't hear that from Xbox fanboys that much.

The other reason that I don't agree with your dismissal of sales data is that it is just a way for PS3 fanboys to discount everything good about the Xbox 360 and claim the PS3 as superior. You point out the 360's larger library of games... "So what, quality is more important that quantity", says the PS3 fanboy. You point out that the 360 still has a larger library of highly rated games..."so what, it's just a matter of personal opinion", says the PS3 fanboy. You point out that the Xbox 360 is a healthy game platform that shows healthy software sales..."I don't care about sales, I just play the games", says the PS3 fanboy. But then when it comes to the PS3's strengths it's all supposed to be "objective fact" and there is no longer any room for subjectivity. The PS3 has Blu-ray and wi-fi and its online service is free--these are strengths that are supposed to be accepted at face value despite the fact that their value is still determined by an individual's subjective judgment of their worth or desirability. But when it comes to many of the Xbox 360's strengths--the quality of its online service, the huge library of games, the number of AAA exclusives--we are supposed to reject all that, because it is based on sales data (the AAA label, for example) or critical reception (which is rejected because it is subjective). So, I don't agree that we should ignore sales data or the critical reception of a game. I think both of those criteria are good metrics for judging the health, quality, and success of a gaming platform.

DiabloRising3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Oh I agree, and platform health is good for gamers, it means more games. However, the problem is people usually twist numbers to suit their own needs. My professor was always hardcore about stating that numbers can be used to support ANY argument, and its true. Very rarely though are numbers used in an intelligent manner, especially around here. It's not a discussion, its vindictive slamming. It degrades to a "nyah nyah" pissing match, where if one game doesn't sell as well as another its a flop or a failure. It's lame, when NO ONE here has had ANY hand in the development of ANY of these games.

Again, this "year of thing" is just stupid, no matter where it comes from. And instead I hear "Ps3 is doomed/BD is doomed/Can this save the PS3?" instead. Again, different crap same stink.

You make some good points but in the end you are still arguing with fanboys. Why not rise above, be a gamer, and just ignore them entirely? Instead, it permeates the crap around here by dropping to their level, and any intelligent discussion is lost in the mire of stupidity. You can't even constructively criticize a game around here without being labeled a fanboy (newsflash: Gears 2 and R2 had sh1t bosses). If someone is dismissing the quality of the PS3 or 360's library, are they really worth talking to? There is very little objective fact when it comes to fun. 2 million units won't makes Gears 2 more fun for me, nor will a built in WiFi adapter make a PS3 more useful or a better value to someone who doesn't have a wireless network.

As for review scores... well everyone here knows how I already feel about that, as they are the ultimate biased hypocrisy. And I will defend games from Banjo Nuts and Bolts up through Resistance 2 when someone uses a review score to JUDGE a game they don't own or haven't played.

SL1M DADDY3649d ago

If you aligned the PS3 sales with the 360 sales, day and ate, you would get the same line across both systems yet, so many Xbox fanboys say how poorly the PS3 is doing in terms of sales. So hypothetically speaking, if they dog on the PS3 sales, they are inadvertently dogging the 360 sales... Seems a bit hypocritical if you ask me. lol

kapedkrusader3649d ago

...that's exactly the point I was trying to make and got pwned in the "Disagree" department. I hate people that just click disagree, but don't state why.

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NaiNaiNai3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

even without the year lead the xbox is still ahead. and wow even the facts point out the the ps3 is bought for blue-ray. not to many games. XD. and the wii is going to always be in front. my parents bought one. *39 and 40* and they both love tiger woods golf on it. last i check 35 year old people have a bit more money to spend and they tend to have alot of free time. chaching *wii time*

monfa3650d ago

just wondering , what is the average units sold per year(world wide) for each company ?

Dread3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

the author is biased?


here comes the Sony defense force to spin the numbers again.

there is no doubt that the 360 was first in the market when it released in 05. The graph however, demonstrates trends.

the trend is that the WII is kicking major butt.

and also the 360, sits pretty in second. The Playstation is making some headway but not fast enough to catch up, so far?!

also these are U.S. numbers so for the 360 fans do not get ahead of yourselves

the Playstation 3 is doing considerably better overseas.

one thing is for sure, the competition is fierce, and i bet no one (including me) thought that things would be this way coming into 20-09.. i mean the WII first followed by the 360 and Sony last..incredible..

either way this is good news for us gamers

be gamers not haters


Mr.Mister3650d ago

i agree with you and the thing about 2009 is going to be the years of ps3 is sh*t full of cràp i mean common ever since the ps3 has come its always the same thing." 2007 is going to be sony year" oops nothing happen , "2008 is going to be sony years this time you will see wait till gta4, wait till cod4 and wait till mgs4 comes out you see it will sale better than the wii "well actully happen , cod4 sold better on 360, gta 4 sold better on 360 and mgs did greatbut did not manage to push console sale over the wii no they say wait till 2009
now i know that if a receive bubble down it come frome the sony defense force

Dread3650d ago

Mr Mister

i bet that the true gamers who are also Sony fans are sick of the stupid argument.

Traveler3650d ago

I know. Why does any year have to be "the year of the PS3" for the PS3 to be a good and worthwhile console?

badz1493650d ago

last year and earlier this year, people touted that 2008 will be the year of the PS3 just by looking at the lineup of the PS3 and they were half way right where the PS3 was outselling 360 healthily in NA! but nobody was expecting M$ to drop the price of 360 especially the arcade to $199 this year! that was a desperate move but HUGE with the unexpected economic disaster as of now really making that price point to be more appealing than ever! so, eventhough 360 is still not producing the higer priced Wii's numbers, it's still giving the PS3 the run for it's money. it has and will dent the progress of the PS3 this year and at this point, I think that it's already safe to say that in term of sales, 2008 will never be the year of PS3 - in NA at the least!

2009 is still pretty much unpredictable but in term of line-up, like 2008, PS3 has plenty to offer in term of exclusives! a price cut is also expected from Sony and I'm expecting a more interesting year than 2008!

p/s: I didn't say anything about Wii because it's from another dimension! - untouchable at the moment!

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