GamePro: Need for Speed Undercover Review

GamePro writes: "Friends don't let friends play Need for Speed: Undercover. Mediocre racing and tacky styling leave it stuck in neutral, gunning its engine while going absolutely nowhere. While a long campaign mode and intriguing new experience system get the pistons pumping, everything grinds to a halt when the rubber hits the road in the worst installment of the series in recent memory. It's the video game equivalent of test driving a brand new Lamborghini only to have the engine overheat and the tires go flat as soon as you get on the freeway. Too bad the gaming equivalent of AAA doesn't exist; that way, if you're unlucky enough to buy this game, you could get a little roadside assistance".

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capital1player3650d ago

i really didn't see this coming!! i actually thought this game would do a lot better but the driving mechanics did look kinda bad they should really use the nfs carbon engine for driving ! but the game looked nice guess i have to wait for more reviews to see if 2.5/5 is the right review!!! still thinkin about buying this REPLY TO THIS COMMENT IF I SHOULD BUY THIS GAME OR NOT!!!!

BooZe3650d ago

If you can't make up your mind about it - why wouldn't you just rent it instead? It's pretty random to let other people on the internet decide whether you should buy a game or not.

I know i'm renting it before im buying it atleast. I love NFS games, but ProStreet and Carbon were slightly disappointing I think. Im giving Undercover a try though.

hotrider123649d ago

im not surprised at all for this lame a.s.s. game gamestop bann me for 4 days telling the truth

CEO OF N4G3649d ago

Even tho i dont let review scors affect the game i play i will wait for IGN review.They are the only review site respect.

TheUsedVersion3649d ago

I think reviewers are having fun giving low scores this year to games. Its happened way too much this year undeservingly. Not saying that this game doesn't deserve the score it got but I loved all the NFS's to some degree or another. I wouldn't classify any of them as terrible. I've had this game preordered for a while now and can't wait to try it out. I'm sure it will deliver to my satisfaction.... as for you, I have no idea.

badz1493649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I saw 1 review of 6.5/10 this morning and now this? I think there must be a real problem with this new NFS but seriously, 1 new NFS every year is not going to make the series even better, EA! why can't you make it like Burnout? this is no FIFA, no Madden! you can only improve so much for only a year for a racing game! Underground 2 and Most Wanted were awesome but ProStreet was a huge let down!! seriously, EA needs to stop ruining this franchise!

ape0073649d ago

you really need to bring back HOT PURSUIT series

but before,you need to take sometime to build things up nicely

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Th3 Chr0nic3650d ago

how about a review that gives actual info on why they scored it the way they did instead of rambling on with some metaphors on how it sucks. serioulsy if u are going to review a game give us some facts and more info other than "this game is like a 1 legged dog with gang green..." cause that is useless

Ap3theBad3649d ago

dude a one legged dog with gang green can still kick @ss i dunno wut you be talkin bout.

BOT-other then hot persuit 2,carbon was my fav.

NaiNaiNai3650d ago

i just want another prostreet. but then again im like the only person who really liked that game.

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Raptura3649d ago

They just need to stop making yearly renditions of the need for speed serious. After Underground I've completely lost track of the titles. Most Wanted, Carbon, Pro Street and now this Undercover.

Underground was fun and I don't think they've been good since then.

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