8.0 Review of Mirror's Edge

BigPete7978 of PSLS writes:

"The first time I saw Mirror's Edge I thought that it wasn't a title for me to be honest, but that all changed when the demo was released via PSN a couple weeks back. I have never played a title that was like this. I think that is why it intrigued me so much. The demo alone made it purchase worthy to me. Though I will not deny that when I saw so many negative reviews prior to the launch of the game my confidence in the title was diminished some. But once I actually looked at the reviews a lot of them based the low scores on one main thing, length of the game. Anytime there is a complaint about the length of a game it immediately makes me think of one title that was hurt in the reviews department, Heavenly Sword. A lot of people missed out on it because of the low scores, but in the end Heavenly Sword is one of my all time favorite games from this generation. Mirror's Edge is becoming that way as well it seems. While I will say this, Mirror's Edge is not for everyone, and it will not appeal to everyone. But it appealed to me, and in the end I am glad I purchased it. Hopefully this review will help you decide whether or not the title is right for you."

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Alcohog3627d ago

I agree. This game is top quality. It is easily already one of my favorites of this generation. Although the story is not necessarily long, it is long enough. To boot, the time trials and racing ghosts are insanely addictive. I spent an hour last night on one course alone. Its great satisfaction when you pull off some of these outrageous stunts to shave a few seconds off your time, and its sweet looking for a new and better route also. This is one that I will be keeping in my collection.

BigPete79783627d ago

I agree. The title is by no means perfect, but if you are a fan of the demo by any means I consider it a must own. I can't wait to see what the DLC will be.