1UP: Halo Wars Hands On Preview

1UP writes: "If you haven't figured out by now, getting hands-on with the campaign of a Halo title tends to be a long, arduous process, which, if nothing else, seems to signify that the game is almost done. That the time for talk is over, and with the game in the final stages of polish and tuning before release, the developers finally let us play the damn game instead of merely talk more about it while showing off a snazzy looking demo. For this recent hands-on session with Halo Wars, not only did we play the first few missions of the single-player campaign, and checked out the Covenant army in skirmish mode, but we did it threefold. Why read one guy's take, when you have three fellows ready to jump in and command a bunch of Marines around? Get ready for the RTS Roundtable starring Anthony Gallegos, Thierry "Scooter" Nguyen, and Justin Haywald".

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