Halo Wars' Sgt. Forge has no relation to Halo 3's Forge

Halo Wars' lead designer Graeme Devine has told D+PAD that Sergeant Forge, the main character you'll be playing as in the upcoming Xbox 360 RTS, has no relation to Halo 3's Forge mode.

When asked whether the Sergeant had any relation to Halo 3's popular mode, Devine stated:

"No. It's a funny story though! We go over to Bungie and we show them some of the story and a few of the cinematics and they're really busy on Halo 3 – "So Sergeant Forge? That's interesting we put a Forge in our game" they say. "Ah cool! Is he a Sergeant?" And they went, "No, not really."

"He didn't actually say what it was, so there I was thinking cool, they've got a Forge character in there. That was certainly the inference I got. Then the game comes out and now I know what they mean! Yeah, no relation!"

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sushipoop3618d ago

Nope, it just means that Bungie aren't very original.


Perhaps your comment is true however nobody tweaks and optimises games so they play fantastically like Bungie.