Victory in Vomit: The Sickening Secret of Mirror's Edge

By now you have probably heard the warning: Playing Mirror's Edge will make you vomit.

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Mc1873678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

I too have felt like this while playing ME. I also havn't been able to put it down yet. It is a great game and tons of fun.

I even learned a new word too. Education is fun.

No FanS Land3678d ago

I must be tough because I played entirely ME in one session without the reticle and I did not ever feel dizzy.

hulud863678d ago

People are babies. This is just like the Blair Witch Project situation.

3678d ago
Th3 Chr0nic3678d ago

if u get motion sickness from a video game u need to find a new hobby....maybe knitting is ur game.

lokiroo4203678d ago

How about you r-tards read the article so you have some resemblance of a clue.