VITALS: Red Faction Guerrilla

GamesAreEvil writes, "Red Faction originally launched on the PS2 in 2001 as a ground breaking first person shooter with Geo-Mod Technology..."


GamesAreEvil takes an in depth look at the story surrounding Red Faction and the new crisis at hand.

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JimmyJames703676d ago

I never played any of the earlier versions, so my eyes are open on this one. I look forward to your final review of the game after it releases. Maybe you guys will get an early copy?

bgrundman3676d ago

it looks like the crack research team is at it again!

CrAppleton3676d ago

I sure hope so.. This game looks amazing. I loved the first two, so I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of guerrilla

bgrundman3676d ago

it looks like alot of the essential components are there for a great game.

bgrundman3676d ago

This is a game that has a huge amount of potential. We will have to wait and see how it turns out though.

CrAppleton3676d ago

Right.. we've all seen GREAT ideas turn out to be sh*t because of problems in dev. But I'm really looking forward to this one. So I hope they nail it.

Jimmy the Greek3675d ago

im waiting. like bgrundman said, this could be a great game

Bladeslayer3676d ago

This game is going to suck ballz so bad you guys are wasting your time the first one sucked and this one doesn't look very promising.

bgrundman3676d ago

CrAppleton is right, there is no need to be a jerk about it. There is just plenty of room for improvement.

Nikkelz3676d ago

maybe so,but the ps2 and ps3 are different beasts altogether,i seen the video to this game,the destructible environments are dope,maybe not kz2 dope but definitely dope if youre not into kz2(if thats even possible)

peace and game on

bgrundman3676d ago

You are exactly right, this game has some huge potential. It will be cool to see what they come up with.

CrAppleton3675d ago

For sure.. Geo-Mod is something I wish more games used. It's absolutely amazing! Potential through the roof on this one! But you guys are right.. they can have all the potential in the world.. they need to execute!

Hobb3675d ago

I look forward to the launch of this game, and I hope the conversion to 3rd person is smooth. I’ve seen too many games that use third person view have a hard time making the character movement look natural. This problem has typically been in open world RPG’s but most offer first person views as well. Hopefully it will be done well, seems that third person is getting more and more popular (gears, ghost recon, lost planet, mass effect, etc.) Hopefully this game will not be a disappointment!

bgrundman3675d ago

A positive attitude can go a long way!

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