Phoenix Games reviews a Media Hub for PS3

Did you buy the cheap PS3 model to save a few bucks only to find that it came with a free Blu-ray DVD but no extra USB ports or a media card reader? If son, the PS3 media hub will turn your low-gig PS3 into a multimedia contender. (Sorry, it still won't play PS2 games.)

The hub fits nicely into one of the front USB slots. It is crafted to match the PS3's design and, despite looking huge and odd in the pictures, it is small and looks right at home on the console whether you've got it standing up or flat. The hub allows you to connect three additional USB devices such as flash drives, the PSP, MP3 players and controllers. It is compatible with the 20, 40, 60 and 80 GB PS3 consoles. It is powered by the PS3 and the media card reader slot supports SD cards and Memory Sticks. You wired Rock Band and Guitar Hero fans are likely to enjoy the additional USB ports.

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uckitsayitchbay3652d ago

Cool. My launch 60 gig don;t need it but it's cool nonetheless