Death of the Single Player Game?

Loot Ninja writes:

"Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not a huge fan of people. They're annoying and stupid in large groups and aren't much better individually, to be frank. From this attitude birthed my love of video games - no people required. I know that multiplayer and co-op have blown up as we've seen an increase in online gaming. And while that's good and all my attitude towards people remains the same, why the hell would I want to interact with a person online when I don't want to interact with people in the flesh?! "I don't" is the answer. So, I currently represent a shrinking number of gamers. Boo."

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drunkpandas3656d ago

Great article. I think that developers are focusing so much on online multiplayer that single player portions of games are suffering. Unless you go with a single player only game (which are becoming more and more rare), most games tend to focus just on the online component

greyishfox3656d ago

It's harder to find titles that have a full storyline. It's more like movies these days where you know whats going to happen most of the time and its never more than 100 minutes.

Tony6003656d ago

I hate online games too,I prefer single-player games.I agree with you that some people can be stupid in large groups!Single-player games FTW!