Turbine Talks Console MMOs

IncGamers recently caught up with Turbine's Jeffrey Steefel as he prepares for the launch of the Mines of Moria expansion for Lord of the Rings Online. We asked him about the super secret MMO in development by Turbine for consoles and he talked us through the challenge of bringing the MMO to the sofa.

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thetamer3619d ago

No way! They're doing another MMO?!

Leord3619d ago

I'm kind of sceptical against if it's possible to make a good MMO on console...

Dorjan3619d ago

I would disagree.

Final Fantasy XI really did a good job for a console. YOu should try it out!

Perjoss3619d ago

just remember that gamepads CAN have more buttons than they actually seem to have, lets use the 360 pad for an example pressing A does action 1, holding left trigger and pressing A does action 2, holding right trigger and pressing A does action 3, holding left and right trigger and pressing A does action 4, might sound a little fiddly but its just like a shift key. And now both consoles have a mini keyboard attachment thing for typing I don't really see any reasons not to make a good mmo for consoles.

Dorjan3619d ago

It is always hard. FFXI I think still to this day had the best console / PC midground UI.

AndyA3619d ago

It's all about the UI. There's so much information to convey.

syrinx3619d ago

I like the way Lotro is going and their approach. I do look forward to seeing what Turbine do on the consoles.