GTA: Chinatown Wars Details Emerge from the Shadows

Games Are Evil writes, "Both Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto II were games that had stationary, overhead third-person camera. This made porting the games to any platform imaginable rather effortless. When it was announced that Rockstar games had another Portable GTA game coming to the Nintendo DS, many questions where raised.

While not all of the questions have been answered, some details have began to make their way to the masses. had an article discussing several exclusive features of the game that have been found in a Spanish game magazine. Here is a rundown of what we know so far..."

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JimmyJames703683d ago

Wasn't the Xbox version supposed to get some DLC? That's what I want to know about. Oh wait. Never mind. I traded my copy. Took to long for new fa-shizz to come out...

bgrundman3683d ago

It is sad you didn't wait, cause I am still super excited about anything GTA!

3683d ago
bgrundman3683d ago

you are exactly right, it is good to see a game with some serious legs. This DS game might be more of the same, but it will be more awesomeness.

roblef3683d ago

I'm glad they're making these kind of titles for the DS. The huge amount of crap ware was starting to get to me.

bgrundman3683d ago

lol, shovelware kills me!

CrAppleton3683d ago

For sure.. that seems to be all nintendo is good for these days.. too bad great things like this are far and few between.. heres to hoping this is a great game to revive my DS

roblef3683d ago

Pretty excited about this one.

killyourfm3683d ago

Does anyone know if the new capabilities of the DSi would allow for add on content for Chinatown Wars?

bgrundman3683d ago

The DSi does have a secondary slot for memory cards, so one could assume that DLC is possible... but I'm not holding my breath.