In-Depth: The Top 5-Selling Games Of 2008 So Far writes, "As part of Gamasutra's comprehensive new U.S. sales analysis, we've extrapolated the top 5 selling video games of 2008 so far in the region.

Last week at the BMO Capital Markets Conference, Take 2 claimed that its Grand Theft Auto 4 had sold to 32 percent of PlayStation 3 owners and 28 percent of Xbox 360 owners through the beginning of October 2008.

Using this as a starting point, and bringing in approximate sales figures for other games, we can put together an estimated top 5 software ranking based on year-to-date unit sales."

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CEO OF N4G3677d ago

Im sorry but wii fit is not a game..... (-_-)

dorron3677d ago

Is this list correct?

I don't think so.

I read just a few days ago that MGS4 had sold 3.4 Million units and is not appearing in that list...

MegaMohsi3677d ago

Numbers were from NPD, WW MGS4 sold over 4 million so far according to Konami, probably only 1.5-2 M in NA so in NA where the PS3 install base is far far behind, this list makes sense

bunbun7773677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

I was walking out of Best Devil after snagging Transsiberian for only 9.99 on BR... (they screwed up with their promo) and two late 40's probably 50 year olds were walking out next to me.....with Wii Fit. As they walked through the door she motioned towards her man and said "thank-you dear" and he just kept walking with her, he was not excited, but she was.

This is why the Wii is winning, because 50 year old women do not care about Gears or Resistance. And there are so many more old people and kids than there ever was before. We grew up, Nintendo didn't, and now they reap the rewards.

Gr813677d ago

I thought Wii doesn't sell software (lol) Nobody thought that Mario Kart stood a chance against GTA4 during the launch in April, now its sold more copies than the PS360 versions almost combined, thats incredible. Brawl was/is definitely a sales beast. I don't think any logical analyst thought that it wouldn't be high on the best seller's end of year list. I guess another myth about Wii not selling software has been debunked..for the upteenth time, that is.