Games Delivering the Tears - Fallout 3 & Gears of War 2

Games are good at excitement and suspense, but rarely have they been good at delivering emotional content that made gamers feel anything beyond a passing thought. Two new games, Fallout 3 and Gears of War 2 prove that devs can make you feel the emotions of the characters more akin to movies than ever before. Take a look at the supporting videos that help drive home the point.

Warning, content spoilers here.

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Alcohog3651d ago

There was a story in Gears 2? I must have missed that part.

fafoon3650d ago

You Should have played as Dom
And you should be the One to off Maria
you Could Have Chainsawed Her,Taged her and watch her Blow,Sniped Her head Clean off,Sent a Motar Her Way !! Any Way you Want
That would have been Better

TheTCD3650d ago

Funny to me, but two slightly older games, those being The Darkness and Lost Odyssey, emotionally engaged me on a far greater level than their two examples. I think perhaps they should have picked better examples than one game that is driven by a weak script and another game that is driven by player choice.

ezcex3650d ago

lol this has been done before, and better