Halo 3 Recon goes open-world

The first details on Bungie's ambitious Halo 3 expansion Recon have finally emerged, detailing new equipment, more human characters and surprisingly, an open-world city.

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GWAVE3679d ago

Grand Theft Master Chief.

Oh boy. They're really pulling out all the stops this time with the innovation like they always do!


Halochampian3679d ago

read the article before you post. It wasnt that long of a read.

And if you were trying to be funny.. I really didnt see the humor in it. Very bad sarcasm if I do say so myself.

3679d ago
GWAVE3679d ago

I am sorry that I offended your favorite franchise. If you're so insecure about it, I'd recommend growing a pair.

Halochampian3679d ago

I could care less if you offended it or not. It's the dumb things people say without reading an article.

You read the headline and then made a comment on it.

thenickel3679d ago

This Gwave person is just hilarious in a very sad kind of way. I'm not sure what the point of talking games down on 360 is but goodluck on your mission. 2009 is shaping up to be a really good year for gaming and Recon is getting more and more interesting to me.

LeonSKennedy4Life3679d ago

You can talk down to a Haze fan all you want, but what gives a Halo fan authority over an Ico fan?

There's a HUGE taste difference there.

Ico is a masterpiece that spans the emotional cycle. Halo is a Tribes rip-off that just happened to make it big.

Don't you think for a second that you're a real gamer!

Xi3678d ago

ICO is a labyrnth ripoff. But only an experienced gamer would know that.

Halo is a master piece in every way that ico is, whether or not you agree. The critics agree, the general populace agree (sales speak louder then words), the only ones who don't are PC and PS3 fanboys.

Cenobia3678d ago

I'm sorry, but Ico is way above Halo. It's a game that bridges gaming and art. They really shouldn't be compared. I realize you didn't bring it up, but they aren't on the same level.

Also the general populace hasn't played Ico, and sales don't make a game great. I consider Ico one of the greatest games ever. Halo is just a great FPS series.

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Halochampian3679d ago

i really like how its more like finding out what happened to the soldiers or like the article says, a "case."

And being in someone else's shoes gives off a whole new perspective to the Halo Universe.

Im Excited to see how it turns out

gametheory3679d ago

Expect an open small world like GTAIV

Lord Xire3679d ago

I'll expect an open world "small" like Fallout3, Oblivion, and GTA IV on the DVD9.


Halo3:Recon could be half the size of Fallout3's Capitol Wasteland and it'd be great.

Bladestar3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

hahahaha! wow... the level of ignorance in the anti-xbox 360 community is bigger than I thought...

By now everyone know that world size, gameplay length, in-game graphics(world graphics) have very little to do with DVD9 vs Blu-ray.... I mean the biggest games as far as the world and gameplay hours fit all in a DVD9... GTA, Mass Effect, Fallout, oblivion, etc...

And other PS3(blu-ray) games like Metal Gear 4, Heavenly sword which are not "Open world" and gameplay do not reach 5 hours and require a massive amount of disc space...

LeonSKennedy4Life3679d ago

MGS4 has at least 10 hours of gameplay, not including cutscenes. You should play it.

MGS4 is a very open world, my friend. You can practically go anywhere you want in the given environment you are in. The textures, the draw-distance, and the processing power it takes to run MGS4 are very important also.

Think about it.

FACT: DVD9 can't hold as much as a Blu-ray disc.

FACT: All three of you are fanboys.

FACT: Halo 3 was a piece of crap.

FACT: MGS4 is not possible on the 360.

BLaZiN PRopHeT3679d ago

@3.3 LOL you call them fanboys take a look in the damn mirror before pointing fingers.

Man_of_the_year3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Actually MGS4 is atleast 3 hours and 13 minutes. And i have completed it and it is not open - it is Linear with 1 or 2 paths to take...unless you are talking about a particular boss fight that is in the snow or some warehouses that have 3 - 4 levels that go up but really the game is linear and cannot be considered open world like GTA, Oblivion or Fallout.

Here is the link to show MGS4 can be completed in under 4 hours.. and

Any game that can be completed in under 4 hours at a $60 price tag is just wrong on any system. And MGS4 is on a 50 gig Blu-ray....

Also i disagree with your last 2 Facts.

Fact - Halo 3 lived up to its reviews and sales and is still highly played on the 360 And is one of the most played games in competitions and MLG.

Fact - MGS4 can be done on the 360 but will never be able to prove to the SDF since it will never come onto the 360

Cenobia3678d ago

Give me a break with that. MGS4 is a good length game. It is longer than seven hours on a REAL play through. Just because someone can do a speed run at under 4 hours doesn't mean its a 4 hour game. How long is Halo in a speed run?

MGS4 is meant to be played slow. It's a stealth game for fudges sake.

Either ignore their comments or destroy them with logic. Don't sully the name of a great game, or bend facts to make your console look better.

socomnick3678d ago

Speed run under 4 hours lol, more like around 2 hours. This game is short if you skip the lengthy cut scenes. Its a short game padded up with hours of cut scenes. Its a good game but its more movie than game.

gametheory3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

You have to insult other games just to feel good about your purchase? Whatever, I didn't even mention PS3 or its games.

Anyway, face it guys, even if Fallout, Oblivion and GTAIV is "big" by your standards, it could be a lot bigger with Blu-ray. Just because Sony or other developers haven't made larger games yet (or ever) it doesn't mean it isn't an advantage and that this generation is being held back by Microsoft's choice of not upgrading from DVD9 to something else.

Hell, it doesn't even have to be Blu-ray or HD-DVD, it could have been a 250 GB HDD bundled with every 360 and let game installs thrive on consoles. That's how it's always been on PC. I mean seriously think about it. The 360 is holding back not only the PS3 in terms of length of games, but also PC gamers. I don't doubt that PS3 and PC combined have more gamers combined than 360, hell perhaps the PC alone has more power gamers than the 360.

It's a fact that DVD9 and no HDD makes games shorter than they could be with either a huge HDD, a huge optical disk or both, that's why Liberty City is not as big a city as that of San Andreas.
I understand Microsoft had to undercut Sony in terms of price to compete because they couldn't think of a better strategy like innovating for a change, but you gotta admit all consoles have great strengths but could also be better with a few additions.

the sad truth. =(

And by the way Bladestar, I have to be "anti-xbox" to recognize its weaknesses? You must be a blind fanboy. Just because you think those games are big it doesn't mean games couldn't be bigger with blu-ray or a huge HDD. I thought you were a programmer, you must be an amateur not to know that some games just have to be put on a single disc and that to make them bigger you'd need more space. Maybe they ARE big but could be bigger.

And as far as MGS4 and Heavenly Sword go, HS is huge because of audio quality and because they decided to cram as many languages as possible in a single disc, and while that's nice, I rather have more gameplay but Nina Christensen was stupid enough to decide that they should quit development at 25GB (in an interview she said that they could have made the game longer and used a 50GB but decided not to; that would have given them much better reviews).

As for MGS4, you haters are seriously underestimating its length just because it's not on 360, and if it ever gets ported you'll still criticize it because at one point it was PS3 exclusive, but whatever. Keep worshiping your red ringed god. PS3 games have nothing to do with this thread anyway.

Man_of_the_year3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

I own both consoles. And i didn't know there was a "real" way to play that game...hold on let me check my MGS4 manual...flips page...flips page...checks index...nope nothing in the manual that says you cannot run through the game shooting at anything you want...

I guess you were wrong. And hey..why don't you look on the internet to see how long it takes to do a speed run in Halo 3...i did...and found nothing...but that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. MGS4 is way too long to be a good movie and way too short to be considered a great game.

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running rampid3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

damn. sounds like it's gonna be an interesting few months leading up to the game. i like the idea, but i wanna see some gameplay!

edit: why the disagree?

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