Nintendo Outlines Gaming Strategy

Nintendo President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime says video-game sales are likely to survive the economic slowdown, as Dan Gallagher reports.

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pixelsword3679d ago

...It's like porn for the greedy part of your brain.

ChickeyCantor3679d ago

"you know"
*waves hands from each other*

Yep that's Reggie al right....still, he looks like a robot ....

"we feel really good"
I bet... xD profit is awesome isn't it ? xD.

I didn't really got much out of that video...
He basically said what we already know...

pixelsword3679d ago

...He really didn't say much at all; which really should be concerning most people. The Wii sells, but there's nothing much to it from a non-Wii owner's perspective... All of the massively popular titles are owned by Nintendo, so if developers don't tap into that massive appeal and the high quality games I know the Wii is capable of making, I'm afraid Devs may start abandoning the Wii.

Captain_Sony3679d ago

Pixelsword = Fail...
Half of the million sellers on Wii are 3rd party. Either get a clue or just stop hating. Hate through ignorance will never sway anyone. Learning these things will help you grow from a fanchild to full grown fanboy.

pooperh3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

I agree pixelworld. there doesn't seem to be many decent thrid party titles except call of duty.

Also Captain_Sony is a douche. crappypants_fony what you said was completely uncalled for. there is only one fboy on this thread and that is you.

FinalomegaS3678d ago

I want to know if motion+ will be included into the new wii console boxes. I really would like to see Bushido blade with 1:1 rapier fighting stance.

Gr813678d ago

Captain Sony was in the right, in terms of his argument. Pixel was talking out of his a$$ about devs abandoning the Wii..if anything they'd abandon the last place platform. I don't get why people can't comprehend that the Wii is a phenom that no one in the industry expected to be the market leader. Same thing happened during the NES era, and more recently the DS era. With such economic hard times, and third parties betting heavily on the "wrong horse(s)" you can't expect these devs to just drop these games mid development, they need to recoup the money invested, hence why we have one time exclusives going multiplatform. Nintendo did the smart move, they played things conservatively, dev costs are low installed based nearly larger than both HD consoles combined. Before the gen is over it will have outsold both combined. Third parties that decide to stick it out, may not make it out of these hard times. Those that decide to take their Wii games seriously will.

pooperh3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Pixel was talking out of his a$$ about devs abandoning the Wii..

Maybe Pixel meant third party devs that make good games.
No offence I bet that there are alot of million selling third party games for the Wii, but where are "good" games from third parties (that aren't ports from last generation).
Are all the million sellers that Craptain is talking about shovelware or something? carnival games, ravin rabbids ??

apart from World at War, what else has Wii had from third parties this year? .... that has also been good?

The HD consoles have had Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, Dead Space, GTA4, Pure, Grid, Burnout Paradise and many more

"and third parties betting heavily on the "wrong horse(s)"

dont be silly. i think devs know better than you do where theyre games will make most money
if you make a game like fallout 3 or gta4 you release it on the consoles where you will get most sales (and the consoles that will be able to run it).
i.e. 360, PS3 and PC.

you dont make it for the PS2, Wii and PSP, even though Wii and PS2 have a far higher install base. the people that own them dont "typicaly" buy tose types of games/

if you make a mini game compilation then you release for Wii and PS2.

Mahr3678d ago

"Are all the million sellers that Craptain is talking about shovelware or something? carnival games, ravin rabbids ??"

I don't think you understand the definition of shovelware.

Gr813678d ago

That's such a subjective term, I'm not sure I can even respond without a subjective response..So I won't. But you do prove my point about 3rd parties not expecting the Wii to take off and dominate like it has. No one did, so to expect anything other than ports and cash-ins at this point in its lifetime is unreasonable. Again look at the DS, up against the PsP no one thought the DS had a chance INCLUDING third party devs. After two years of largely Nintendo first party games and cash ins, third parties came in droves. The DS now has the most diverse catalogue of games to date. The Wii is trending like the DS.