PLAYSTATION3 "Reflections" TV Spots

PLAYSTATION 3 Holiday campaign launches with a series of 3 :15 second TV spots. Each TV spot hints to what is come for the bigger campaign that will launch on 11/21.

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TheColbertinator3679d ago

I prefer last years commercials really

N4PS3G3679d ago

This commercial screams: " PLEASE BUY ME! WE ARE DESPERATE "

oh yeah music

whoelse3679d ago

Microsofts mega price cuts screams please buy me im desperate...

Rockstar3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

So do MiiToo avatars

hay3679d ago

Actually they are better than the lame psp ad I saw in TV recently. They are OK, but I hope the bigger campaign will do better.

Liquid Dust3679d ago

SCEE sure does put out some interesting PS3 commercials, wonder what the states are going to be like...

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