The Price is Right: Game Console Prices in Perspective

Playing video games is an expensive hobby, even more so in the depressing economic times we have experienced of late. With the price of the gaming platform itself, games, controllers, and accessories, one can easily spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars every year. But how has the cost of playing games changed over time? When Sony first announced that they would initially release the PS3 in two versions, costing $500 or $600, many gamers were shocked and dismayed. How does this console price compare to previous consoles? With a little number crunching, it wasn't too hard to find out.

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cain1413650d ago

Even then, the actual hardware cost might not be the full cost. I pay 50$ a month for Xbox Live, which will up that cost over it's lifetime.

Then again, it's great for people who don't game online to not have to pay for that with it built into the consoles price.

Nick27283650d ago

Yes, there are always those little extras that pop up. "Thanks for purchasing an Xbox 360. To improve your experience we recommend you purchase..."

Still, it's good to see that so many console companies are dropping their prices. Even if it's not as low once you've bought the console every little bit helps.

italianbreadman3650d ago

It seemed such a big purchase to pick up a console in the 90s. A couple of generations changed that, and now the price tag seems daunting once again.