The Divnich Tapes: Sony Most Affected By Economic Turbulence writes: "[Following last week's release of NPD's October North American sales figures, EEDAR's director of analytical services Jesse Divnich presents his Gamasutra-exclusive study of October's hardware and software trends.

In this analysis, explains how Sony's consoles could be the more affected by current economic conditions than Microsoft or Nintendo's systems.]

While the results were typical -- Nintendo's Wii crushed its competition, the Xbox 360 outsold the PlayStation 3, and both Sony systems coming in last place -- October still produced some interesting results for us to analyze."

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The gaming GOD3619d ago

Of course the Sony PS3 feels the economic pinch the most. It's the most expensive of the three consoles.

Johnny Rotten3619d ago

I heard on CNN today that Japan is "officially" in a recession.