StarCraft 2 multiplayer 'spectacular from point one'

'It's not like you've got to have the two expansions to have great multiplayer', Blizzard insists.

Blizzard has reassured its fans that the multiplayer in StarCraft 2, which will separate its three playable races into one main game and two expansions, will be "spectacular from point one".

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hay3679d ago

If I get my hands on the game earlier with awesome single player story and great playability it's ok with me.

Perjoss3679d ago

I cant wait, I'm sure I've said that before somewhere here, but you know, I cant wait.

darkjanus3679d ago

Blizard always make great games and the online experiance they provide online with Battlenet issecond o none

The sooner i can start rockin with this bad boy the better

ThanatosDMC3679d ago

I disagree. They have to send me the game first so i can review it! ::wink wink::

PattyWacker3679d ago

if taken by a serious developer who sticks to its routes could become an amazing first person or third person shooter. The story is great and the fact that you could pick one of the three races and kick some azz would be awesome. Still gotta love this game though. Hopefully SC2 picks up right where SC left off. I loved that game so much, in Melee, Campaign or just Use Map setting' games.

McLuvn3679d ago

GOTY '09

see ya on the battlefield:P

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