PALGN: eGames 08: Office Wars, the Good Game game

PALGN writes: "Many of our readers will be aware of the Good Game game project. Beginning earlier this year, it gave the chance for viewers of the ABC TV program to land an internship with one of Australia's most successful developers, Infinite Interactive, to help create a videogame for the show. The game, after much deliberation, was titled Office Wars, and the winners of the internships were Zac Duff from Queensland and Timothy Randall from Melbourne. So far, Office Wars has served as a terrific illustration to videogame fans as to just how much work goes into creating a game: not only was each pre-production stage open to community submission, but the process has been a visible one. Notably, the 89-page design document found its way onto the internet early in the game's development.

The project has now reached its final stages, and at eGames this year we had the chance to play the game and speak with Zac Duff. The game is essentially one of micromanagement: viewed from a top-down perspective, players answer the phone to receive tasks from higher-ups and move around the office space to complete them in time. This is all while keeping an eye on your bladder, levels of sleep deprivation and technical breakdowns in the office. Combine this with the need to earn a certain amount of money within a time limit and Office Wars becomes very hectic very quickly. The game has a certain charm not present in many big-budget blockbusters: it might not be perfect, but it has a wonderfully cheeky tone about it and surprisingly manages to poke fun at office-work while somehow making it fun at the same time."

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