Eurogamer: Halo Wars Preview

Eurogamer writes: "They're not messing about. Graeme Devine is in charge of the storyline of this new branch to the Halo franchise, and he's bold as a tin cockerel when he's asked about the Halo Wars mission. "What Halo did for first-person shooters, Halo Wars is going to do for real-time strategy. I absolutely think that. Because we've made it from the ground up for 360, and we didn't have to think about keyboard and mouse, and worry about whether we're going to have to port it to the PC. This game plays better than any PC real-time strategy game with a controller."

Punching the PC in the nuts isn't something you'd expect from a Microsoft presentation (perhaps they're still angry about the Metacritic scores for Halo 2 on PC). But Ensemble is bringing Halo to a new genre, then bringing that genre to a console that's still coming to terms with it (then being heartlessly slaughtered). That's two things the devs need to pull off. Can they find an elegant way to fit a convincing set of military commands onto a 360 controller? And how will the bawdy spirit of Halo's multiplayer translate to a strategy game? Consider the 1993 Chess final between Gary Kasparov and Martin Short. At no point did either player punch the table, and scream in a clipped voice that the other player was a peon. It's a different world. "

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