Opinion: Social Responsibility And Why Games Should Grow Up

Gamasutra: "Games need to grow up. As this medium follows that inevitable path toward mainstream social acceptance, the limitations as an art form become more apparent.

The focus of our work is still far too narrow, or more correctly, our narrow focus is pointed in far too few directions. As the medium that will lead youths into the next generation, I feel that we have a social responsibility to represent a diversity of views in terms of our content.

Every other mainstream media, from books to theatre to movies to comics, has major genre or thematic derivations. Narrow focus isn't a bad thing in itself -- I think it can actually help people identify strongly with a given subject. But we greatly need to diversify the themes and subjects we tackle."

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die_fiend3653d ago

Well shut up writing bull articles like this and come up with some amazingly revolutionary idea that could work as a game, go pitch it to a dev team and come back when they've said 'ur idea is awful'. If games aren't grown up enough, don't own a site about games, spend ur time thinking up 'grown up things' to put in games. 'As the medium that will lead youths into the next generation'? I played computer games in my youth, they were 2d and pixellated but I couldn't complain. Now that they're about a million times more complex I don't hear many people considering all games as narrowly focused.