Ensemble: No time to create Covenant Halo Wars campaign

One notable absence from Ensemble's forthcoming Halo Wars is a full Covenant campaign - but things might have been different if the developer had had more time.

"We always have tonnes and tonnes of ideas," explained producer Brian Lemon, speaking to last week. "We throw everything in, and then we separate out what we want to do with the game. If we'd have had more time, we'd have loved to do [it], flesh out more of the Covenant.

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TheColbertinator3599d ago

Shame really.I would have loved to unload some Elites with swords on some puny humans.Either way I gotta keep on eye on this and Starcraft 2

The Matrix3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Sorry, "No time"? Didn't they say this game was in development for 4 years? And they still have a few months anyways.

hazelamy3598d ago

they had time to finish the dlc to sell later but they didn't have time for a covenant campaign for the main game?
i suppose ms are getting them working on the dlc before they've even finished the game so they can shut ensemble down and still have dlc to sell.
but maybe if they actually concentrated on the main game instead of shopping bits off to sell them we'd have a fully rounded game like pretty much every other rts is.
i'm pretty sure there are no major rts out there that don't let you play all the factions in that title.

JEDI WOLVERINE3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Excellent points and so so true - it seems like a half-baked release to me also - bubbles to ya

Be a Steven - not a Colbert

TheColbertinator3598d ago

@Jedi Wolverine

Oh I see what you did there

Perjoss3598d ago

allow me to translate:

We are releasing the game before its finished, but dont worry, we will sell you the covenant campaign as an expansion or DLC!

SL1M DADDY3598d ago

But I might even go as far as to add that it might be DLC developed by some other party for MS. Now that would be odd.

hfaze3598d ago

To be honest, this is a shame. Ensemble Studios has brought some of the best PC RTS games to the market, has been a big success for Microsoft, and M$ can't even give them enough time to put a Covenant campaign into Halo Wars.

Even though I'm not the biggest fan of the Halo franchise, I REALLY enjoy Ensemble's RTS games. This will be a damn good game.

I still think that Microsoft is making a mistake by closing down Ensemble.