Ensemble will have a successor

Soon-to-be-closed Ensemble Studios will have some form of successor, according to developer Graeme Devine. In September Microsoft announced plans to shut down the Age of Empires creators, much to the dismay of RTS fans around the world.

"There's a new studio forming that will rise from Ensemble," Devine confirmed to last week. "They haven't announced specific plans, so I can't comment on that. Microsoft is looking at people to find them homes, but frankly right now we're just focusing on finishing the darn game and making sure that's job number one. I don't think anyone has really thought much beyond that yet. Let's get Halo Wars finished. In this industry, you're only as good as your last game."

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JonahNL3683d ago

I would love another RTS done by Ensemble Studios or at least the people from that studio! Age of Empires 4 perhaps? 2009 is going to be a busy year for the RTS! Demigod, StarCraft II, Empire: Total War, Dawn of War II... Just one more and I'll go crazy! xD

TheColbertinator3683d ago

Age of Empires 4 would be sick with the PC rigs these days.I hope someone makes it soon

JonahNL3683d ago

Yeah, absolutely! AoE III's graphics were way ahead of their time! I can only imagine what AoE 4 would look like... o.O

comm133683d ago

Most of the ES members are going to other companies, as much as I would love to have another AoE, it will never be the same :(

JonahNL3683d ago

They are? You sure? o.O If that's true, I'd be very disappointed!

saello2mylilfrin3683d ago

I hope and pray that they will make an AoE IV. To this day I still play Age of Empires II, III and Mythology.

@comm13 I truly hope that you are a liar. Cause this grown ass man will cry if ur words are true. But not until there's proof.

The Matrix3683d ago

But it won't be Ensemble Studios.

Adriokor3683d ago

This is comm13 posting under a different name as some smart* and very rude Mod decided to go on a power trip and restrict me from the gamer zone for arguing with him a deletion of my comment earlier.

Anyway.. I read on that many members of the team are not staying with MS (I am not surprised) and have already started looking for positions with other companies. ES will never exist anymore (too bad they didn't just leave and form their own studio but I am sure there are contracts involved etc).

MS owns the Age IP but I doubt if there is a future one, it will be as good as the previous ones.

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