Legendra : Star Ocean:First Departure Review

Allesthar writes "Roddick, Millie and Dorn carry out a peaceful life in their village, being satisfied to push back the monsters threatening the neighbourhoods. Whereas the life follows its course, a strange evil strikes the close village. Anxious, the father of Millie to the site will go in order to eradicate the evil, prohibiting to the three companions to follow it. Despsing injunctions of his/her father, Millie, anxious on its no return, decides to join his/her father. Our heroes are not alas aware from what awaits them. They will discover that the whole village is struck by a virus which transforms everyone into stone. Moreover, this virus devastator is transmitted by simple touch. In spite of their precautions, Dorn will be found infected in its turn. Whereas all seems lost and that no remedy is possible, their safety comes from two people curiously vêtues. Ronyx and Ilia affirm to come from another planet to more advanced civilization and than they are there to help them in spite of prohibition to violate the pact of safeguarding of underdeveloped planets.
Having hardly the choice, our two friends thus will agree the insane bet to cross space and time to overcome the virus with the source…"

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