Changes And Upgrades In The Video-Game Industry writes: "Looking to set up all the details for the upcoming holiday season, the companies involved in the video game industry have announced several releases meant to ensure a more attractive offer.

Microsoft's efforts over the past few years provided many new features to its Xbox console and also to its Xbox Live online service, significantly expanding their potential way beyond video games. The company announced for this Wednesday the release of a major software update, which will ensure an easier access for console users to certain features such as downloadable movies and TV shows, online "parties," photo sharing and other social content.

Sony is also preparing its offence and as a direct response to Xbox Live, the company is enhancing its PlayStation Network.

Nintendo, the market's leader, is looking to secure its position by making sure that all its supplies are sufficient. The company, thanks to its Wii console, managed to outsell Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 for the past eight months and keeps going strong."

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