Honest Gamers: SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Review

Honest Gamers: "What all of the above means in the end is that while SOCOM: Confrontation isn't a bad game, it also isn't particularly good. The game ships with seven maps-with more downloadable ones scheduled to arrive later-and a Bluetooth headset that isn't particularly useful when the game so actively encourages run-and-gun heroics instead of the tactical action fans likely expect. Sure, it's a nice peripheral in and of itself, but its impact on the game is minimal. As such, newcomers probably won't find much to like about the game and it will quickly become the domain of those few hardcore players who are willing to devote hours on end to dominating all challengers. Unless that sounds like you, this is one mission you probably won't enjoy."

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TheColbertinator3678d ago

They gave Socom a 7 but they only gave Mirrors Edge a 6? GRRR!!

Brooklyn Rage!

mindedone3677d ago

Yeah,if you go in a random respawn with random people it will be run and gun. But a single SMG will not extract a VIP