PS3 Attitude Awards; Best Developer nominees

From PS3 Attitude: "It's that time of the year when we roll get ready to roll out the red carpet - the PS3 Attitude Awards are here, and we need your votes.

First up in this year's awards are those tireless developers who bring us the games we know and love so much. Who will take home the crown? You decide..."

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Storm233679d ago

is Kojima Productions/Konami?


Bebedora3679d ago

I really miss Naughty Dog in there. They could have used a better line of devs to nominate.

DolphGB3679d ago

We put it out to the whole team, and these are the nominations they came up with.

Despite the lack of Kojima Productions in the nominations for Best Dev, there are several mentions for MGS4 coming in the following days (including GOTY) so keep checking back and vote for your favourite.